1.the remuneration and benefits

·Strictly abide by the requirements of national and local regulations to protect the remuneration and benefits of employees;

·The establishment of a scientific and reasonable salary system and welfare system;

·Constantly improve the fair and reasonable distribution structure;

·Distribution according to work, efficiency first, balanced and sustainable development;

·And continuously improve the social welfare of the company's remuneration and benefits, improve staff income level.

2. Training development

·To create a "learning organization" as a strategic goal;

·Multi - form training mode, three - level training system, combining practice with theory, combining skills and accomplishment, shaping compound talents;

·Knowledge training: Continuously implement new knowledge training in professional and related majors to enable employees to have the basic knowledge necessary to complete their jobs and to meet the new knowledge required for the challenge;

·Skills training: the implementation of in-service staff duties, technical procedures and professional skills training, to master the theory on the basis of the practice can be flexible application, play and continue to improve job skills;

·Quality training: the implementation of corporate culture, values and psychology, interpersonal relationships, sociology and other aspects of training, and establish a trust relationship between the company and employees to meet the needs of employees self-realization.

3. Position promotion

·Multi-channel promotion channel planning, step by step value-added. Scientific employment, taking into account the individual career planning, technical systems, marketing systems, management system, docking;

·Flexible employment mechanism, regardless of seniority, performance priority, ability priority;

·Experienced rotation, excellent reserve cadres regularly hanging job training, providing rapid growth platform;

·Humanized deployment, taking into account the staff of the human nature of the deployment mechanism to achieve common development;

·Open competition, to performance-oriented performance, regular full competition for the selection of core management personnel;

·Idealism promotion, not only qualifications, mercy is the move, the layout of the national elite talent selection promotion mechanism.

4. Cultural environment

·Material, behavior, system, concept four structure, fully understand the success of Suyan Valve Group behind the core culture;

·MI concept recognition system, condensed the business philosophy, management model, enterprise value, employee awareness and other core values of the enterprise;

·BI behavior identification system, standardize the corporate ethics, staff communication, interpersonal activities such as the style of doing things;

·VI visual recognition system, showing a commitment to build the valve industry carrier Suyan Valve Group;

·Embodies Suyan Valve Group people endless wisdom of the soil, mutual trust, solidarity, create a better future;

·Heritage of the classic culture, the achievements of a century enterprise.