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Ma Yushan, academician of the CAE Member, visited our company for investigation and guidance

2023-05-23 13:10:30

On May 17, Ma Yushan, an academician of the CAE Member and an expert in industrial control valves, visited our company for investigation and guidance, accompanied by Han Zhenghai, the chairman of the company.
In the development process and product display area of the company, Academician Ma watched the company's video promotional video and, accompanied by Chairman Han Zhenghai, visited our company's enterprise technology center, high parameter long-distance pipeline valve and intelligent valve engineering research center, postdoctoral research station, and CNAS laboratory to gain a deeper understanding of our company's research and development platform construction, related equipment and facilities configuration, and production process.
Chairman Han Zhenghai introduced the construction of the company's research and development platform and the progress of scientific research projects. Academician Ma fully affirmed the achievements of Suyan Valve in reform and development, technological innovation, platform construction, and other aspects. He had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Chairman Han Zhenghai on industrial innovation, new product research and development innovation in the field of control valves, and put forward suggestions focusing on the company's research and development innovation direction and industrial investment layout.
Academician Ma stated that in recent years, Suyan Valve has embarked on a characteristic industrial path of technological research and development, stable business development, and in line with its own reality, with promising development prospects. I hope that in the future development of Suyan Valve, we can further utilize the local resource endowment, fully leverage our own advantages, pay close attention to market changes and demands, strengthen market research and judgment, and provide more and better technical solutions for China's valve industry.

Subsequently, Academician Ma visited the site of our company's investment of 1.5 billion yuan in the construction of an annual production of 80000 sets of intelligent control valves for industrial purposes such as petrochemical, marine, and nuclear power. Academician Ma fully affirmed the foresight and strategic positioning of the project. At the same time, we also encourage everyone to anchor their goals, work hard, seize opportunities, seize the opportunity, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of Jiangsu Salt in the new era.
Our company has always adhered to technological innovation, product upgrading, and quality improvement, constantly challenging ourselves. We actively explore cutting-edge technologies in the valve industry, continuously improve our technical strength and market competitiveness, and provide customers with more comprehensive products and services.


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