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Talent Development

Talent Development

1、Salary And Benefits

◆ Strictly comply with national and local regulatory requirements to ensure employee compensation and benefits
◆ Established a scientific and reasonable salary system and welfare guarantee system
◆ Continuously improving a fair and reasonable distribution structure
◆ Distribution according to work, prioritizing efficiency, balancing fairness and sustainable development
◆ Continuously improving the social competitiveness of the company's salary and benefits, and improving the income level of employees

2、Training And Development
The strategic goal is to build a "learning organization"

Multi form training mode, three-level training system, combination of practice and theory, combination of skills and literacy, shaping versatile talents

Knowledge training: Continuously implement new knowledge training in professional and related fields, so that employees have the basic knowledge required to complete their job and new knowledge required to meet challenges

Skill training: Continuously implement training on job responsibilities, technical regulations, and professional skills for on-the-job employees, so that they can flexibly apply, utilize, and continuously improve their job skills in practice on the basis of mastering theory

Quality training: Continuously implement training on company culture, values, psychology, interpersonal relationships, sociology, and other aspects, establish mutual trust between the company and employees, and meet the needs of employees' self realization

3、Position Promotion
Multi channel promotion channel planning, gradually increasing value. Scientifically employ personnel, balance personalized career planning, and achieve job integration in technical systems, marketing systems, and management systems

Flexible employment mechanism, regardless of seniority, prioritizing performance and ability

Experiential rotation, regular on-the-job rotation and training for outstanding reserve cadres, providing a platform for rapid growth

Humanized allocation, taking into account the humanized work allocation mechanism of employees to achieve common development

Open competitive recruitment, guided by ability and performance, with regular full staff competition to select core management talents

Promotion is based solely on merit, not only on qualifications, but also on merit. We have established a nationwide mechanism for selecting and promoting elite talents

4、Cultural Environment
A four level structure of material, behavior, system, and concept, fully interpreting the core culture behind Su Yan's success

The MI concept recognition system condenses the core values of the enterprise, such as business philosophy, management mode, enterprise value, and employee awareness

The BI behavior recognition system standardizes the company's ethical standards, employee communication, interpersonal activities, and other interpersonal styles

VI visual recognition system, presenting a Su Yan dedicated to building valve industry aircraft carriers

Gathering the endless wisdom soil of the Suyan people, mutual trust and mutual assistance, unity and unity, and creating a future together

Inheriting classic culture and achieving a century old enterprise


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