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Zhang Mingkang, Deputy Secretary of the Yancheng Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor of Jiangsu Province, visited Suyan for on-site inspection

2023-05-25 08:13:02

Recently, Zhang Mingkang, Deputy Secretary of the Yancheng Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Jiangsu Province, came to Suyan Valve Group for on-site inspection of safety production work. He emphasized the need to persistently focus on safety production work, comprehensively investigate and resolve various risks and hidden dangers, resolutely safeguard the safety of people's lives and property, and firmly adhere to the bottom line of safety production. Wu Benhui, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor, Liu Guangqiu, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, and Wu Qibiao, Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor, attended.

Chairman Han Zhenghai of the company gave a detailed introduction to the safety intelligent system of Suyan Valve Group. The system integrates multiple resources and technical means, and can achieve real-time production monitoring, early warning and emergency response, comprehensive safety management, production data analysis, employee safety training, and other functions. It can help enterprises improve their level of safety production, reduce accident rates, and enhance their competitiveness and sustainable development ability. At the same time, Chairman Han Zhenghai stated that the company has always adhered to starting from the basic work of safety production, established a safety management policy of "safety first, prevention first" in various aspects, and never slackened in grasping and implementing safety production work, ensuring the continuity and stability of the company's safety production work.
Zhang Mingkang affirmed the safety production work done by Suyan Valve Group, highly praised the safety intelligent system of Suyan Valve, and expressed satisfaction with the implementation of safety production requirements by Suyan Valve. At the same time, he emphasized that enterprises should always tighten the string of safety production, further consolidate the main responsibility, strengthen duty and employee safety production training, improve the level of safety production informatization and intelligence, and lay a solid foundation for development and growth.

The visit of the city leaders reflects the high importance that the government attaches to the safety production of enterprises. As a cutting-edge enterprise in the valve industry, Suyan Valve has always adhered to technological innovation and quality improvement, always taking safety as the cornerstone in the promotion of high-quality development, and comprehensively consolidating the safety foundation. In the future, Suyan Valve will continue to strengthen technological research and development, safety and quality management, continuously improve the automation and intelligence level of production lines, provide customers with more high-quality products and services, promote the stable and positive safety production situation in the city, and make more contributions to the healthy development of local and industry.


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