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Defend Shanghai and Qi together to fight against the epidemic

2022-04-02 14:14:22

In case of difficulties on one side, there has been support from all sides. Since ancient times, the Su Hu family has been close. The epidemic in Shanghai is touching everyone's hearts, and the difficulties of the Shanghai people are everyone's difficulties, which brook no delay. Under the leadership of Chairman Han Zhenghai, Jiangsu Suyan Valve Group immediately took action. Before dawn on March 31, 2022, it organized personnel to purchase various types of fresh vegetables from the local farmers' market, sort and pack them in trucks. In just 6 hours, the trucks were fully loaded, carrying the deep love of all Suyan employees. They rushed to the Baoshan Longrong Media Center in Shanghai to solve the urgent needs of Shanghai people's lives, Express our love. According to Chairman Han, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention, vegetables will be delivered to Shanghai in batches to alleviate the difficulty of people in the epidemic area in eating vegetables.

The charitable and public welfare activities of Jiangsu Suyan Valve Group have a glorious tradition of 30 years, and it is incumbent on them to help the poor and alleviate poverty. In addition to persisting in public welfare activities such as condolence and funding for the elderly, families in need, and impoverished students for many years, Su Yan has been the first to generously donate, donate, and contribute to the affected areas and people, fulfill the responsibility and responsibility of a large-scale enterprise, and pay sincerity, sincerity, and dedication to society and the people. For this reason, Han Zhenghai has won honors such as being a good person in China, a good person in Jiangsu, a national star of filial piety and respect for the elderly, a star of filial piety and respect for the elderly in Jiangsu Province, and a moral model of helping others in Yancheng City.


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