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Four copper ball valve structure

2022-09-26 13:43:12

The "LL" type four way ball valve only needs to operate a wrench or actuator to rotate the ball 90 degrees, and can switch the flow direction of two media simultaneously, which is convenient and fast, achieving the effect of one valve for multiple purposes.

Product Name: Four-way Ball Valve
Model: Q46F
Specification: DN50-DN1200
Executive standards
1. Design and manufacturing: GB/T12237-1989; APl608.
2. Inspection and testing: GB/T13927-1992; APl 598.
3 flange connection: JB/T79-2-1994; ASME/ANSI B165.
Detailed introduction
The four way reversing ball valve achieves positive and negative water supply switching with one valve. Every 90 revolutions, the water supply mode is switched once. Previously, four valves were required. During water supply, valves 1 and 4 were opened, while valves 2 and 3 were closed; When supplying water in reverse, valves 2 and 3 open, while valves 1 and 4 close. A four way ball valve is now used instead, making operation convenient.
Structural characteristics
1. Low fluid resistance: The cross-section of the connecting pipeline between the ball and the valve body is equal, and the ball channel is connected by an arc. When the medium passes through the ball, the fluid resistance is small.
2. Good sealing performance: The valve seat is made of PTFE material with certain elastic deformation and high strength, achieving good sealing performance and ensuring the stability of the valve.
3. Long service life: The valve core and visible neck material are made of austenitic stainless steel, and the valve seat material is made of PTFE, which can achieve good corrosion resistance and extend the service life of the valve.


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