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Han Zhenghai: Donate millions of yuan to charity for 21 years without stopping

2017-01-21 09:45:04

I will continue to do public welfare work, so that more people in need of help and former party members can live a happy life. "On August 9th, Han Zhenghai, the chairman of Jiangsu Suyan Valve Group, who is on a business trip in Beijing, said in a telephone interview. When he returns from his business trip, he will visit the elderly in his hometown's nursing home and former party members, and provide them with cooling supplies.
On the afternoon of the second day after the devastating tornado and hail disasters in Funing and Sheyang on June 23, Han Zhenghai and his son Han Wenhao handed over a 1 million yuan transfer check to the head of the Binhai County Charity Federation. We sincerely request that this donation be transferred to the disaster area to support reconstruction as soon as possible. At the same time, he also donated nearly 100000 yuan to the disaster area in the name of a provincial model worker.
According to Qu Zhi, Han Zhenghai has been doing good deeds for 21 consecutive years, and has donated more than 10 million yuan for social welfare projects without compensation. It has successively won the honorary titles of "model worker" in Jiangsu Province, the first "Top Ten Integrity Pacesetter" in Jiangsu Province, and the "Star of Filial Piety and Respect for the Elderly" in China. In April of this year, he was publicly voted by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Civilization Office, and the China Civilization Network to be selected as a "Chinese good person" in the category of helping others.
Jiangsu Suyan Valve Group, founded by Han Zhenghai, is a leading private enterprise in the field of pump and valve machinery in Binhai. Its corporate tax revenue increases in double digits every year, and last year it paid over 40 million yuan, making positive contributions to social development. In recent years, both the enterprise and Han Zhenghai have received over 100 collective reward plaques and 49 individual honor certificates.
A kind-hearted and benevolent person. Han Zhenghai's benevolent deeds have received praise from his hometown, Binhai Port Economic Zone, and his family members. For the past 21 years, during the Spring Festival, he and his wife Zheng Gengyun have brought newly bought cotton quilts, new clothes, food, and New Year's money to comfort over 80 elderly people living alone in the nursing home of the Binhai Port Economic Zone, as well as over 80 impoverished households and former party members from You'ai Village and four surrounding villages. They send the warmth of the holiday and the blessings of the New Year. Benefiting more than 1300 impoverished households (times). Han Zhenghai said, 'The soil and water in my hometown have nurtured me, and I will repay my hometown people for life.'.
Before the end of last year, in order to avoid being too busy and busy, Han Zhenghai decided to offer condolences to elderly people in nursing homes and families in need 20 days in advance. He also gave 11 impoverished students from Taofen Hope Primary School in his hometown a 500 yuan scholarship and 200 yuan worth of school bags, stationery, and other learning supplies.
In recent years, Han Zhenghai has donated multiple times to the development of social undertakings such as education, sports, culture, and military support in Binhai County, with a total donation of 800000 yuan. Donate 200000 yuan to help Binhai Middle School build a teaching laboratory; Invest nearly 100000 yuan to assist the selection, recognition, and condolences of the "First Star of Filial Piety and Respect for the Elderly" stationed troops in Binhai County; Sponsoring 50000 yuan to assist Dongkan Primary School in Binhai County in selecting the "Most Beautiful Teacher"; Supporting more than 60 disadvantaged students to complete their studies; Contribute 300000 yuan to the County's "Brave Action" Foundation.
Promoting the core socialist values and following market rules are not contradictory. Han Zhenghai said, "Private enterprises should take on the social responsibility of absorbing and assisting laid-off workers and those in need." He regards the reemployment of laid-off workers as the primary task of the company's development, and regularly or irregularly hires experts from universities to provide professional skills training, with over 1000 trainees. A series of expenses such as training fees, textbook fees, and auxiliary consumables alone cost nearly 1 million yuan. Han Jiajun, a villager from Loudong Village, Binhai Port Economic Development Zone, found it difficult to find a job due to a lack of professional skills. After learning about this, Han Zhenghai asked him to participate in training and arranged for him to take up a position. Now Han Jiajun has become a skilled assembler in the company's assembly workshop, earning around 3500 yuan per month. Due to physical reasons, Wang Zhaowei, a villager in Dongkan Town, was unable to engage in heavy physical labor. Han Zhenghai arranged a relaxed cleaning job for him, which greatly moved Wang Zhaowei.
Lay the road to prosperity and promote the development of towns and villages. The Youai Village near the seaside is the location of Han Zhenghai's hometown. The roads in the village are bumpy, covered in soil on sunny days and muddy on rainy days, making the journey very difficult. During adverse weather conditions, seasonal vegetables are difficult to transport in a timely manner, and some rot in the fields. Han Zhenghai looked in his eyes and felt pain in his heart. In order not to affect the increase of farmers' income and agricultural efficiency, we will vigorously promote the economic development of the entire village. Han Zhenghai generously donated 400000 yuan and laid a 4-meter-wide and 2-kilometer long cement road for the village, letting the villagers bid farewell to the history of difficult roads. The construction of cement roads not only improves the appearance and image of the village, but also brings convenience to the villagers' prosperity and going out to work, improves their quality of life, and truly benefits the villagers. To ensure the long-term use of the road, Han Zhenghai also donates 50000 yuan per year for road maintenance fees. Nowadays, villagers affectionately refer to this cement road as the "Zhenghai Avenue". Last year, Han Zhenghai also donated 200000 yuan to build a large road for Yujian Middle School, allowing teachers and students to walk smoother. (Reporter Chen Weikun)


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