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Maintenance during operation of flat gate valves

2023-07-04 11:30:09

The goal of maintenance during the operation of flat gate valves is to ensure that the valves are in a regular, well lubricated, fully equipped, and functioning state throughout the year.
1. The appearance of the flat gate valve, the trapezoidal threads on the valve stem and valve stem nut, the sliding parts of the valve stem nut and bracket, as well as components such as gears, worm gears, etc., are prone to dust, oil stains, and residual media stains, which can cause wear and corrosion of the flat gate valve. Therefore, it is obviously very important to keep the external and moving parts of the valve clean and cover the completeness of the flat gate valve paint. The dust on the flat gate valve is suitable for brush brushing and compressed atmosphere blowing; The dirt between the trapezoidal thread and teeth is suitable for wiping with a cloth; The oil stains and media residue on the valve are suitable for steam blowing, or even brushing with copper wire, until the processed surface and common surface show metal light, and the paint surface shows the essence of the paint. The drain valve should be inspected by a dedicated person at least once per shift. Regularly open the flushing valve and the plug at the bottom of the drain valve for flushing, or dismantle and flush regularly to avoid dirt blocking the valve.
2. The lubrication of flat gate valves requires excellent lubrication conditions for the trapezoidal threads of the valve, the sliding parts of the valve stem nut and bracket, the bearing parts, the meshing parts of gears and worm gears, worm gears, and other common moving parts, to eliminate mutual friction and prevent mutual wear. Some parts are specially equipped with oil cups or nozzles. If they are damaged or lost during operation, they should be repaired and fully equipped, and the oil circuit should be unblocked. The lubricating parts should be lubricated regularly according to the detailed environment. Valves that are frequently opened and have high temperatures are suitable for refueling once a week to a month after isolation; Valves that are not frequently opened and have low temperatures can have a longer refueling cycle. Lubricants include engine oil, butter, molybdenum disulfide, and graphite. High temperature valves are not suitable for using engine oil or butter, as they will melt and lose due to high temperatures. Instead, they are suitable for injecting molybdenum disulfide and graphite powder, and for lubricating exposed areas that need to be lubricated. If trapezoidal threads, gears, and other parts are lubricated with grease such as butter, they are easily contaminated with dust. However, if lubricated with molybdenum disulfide and graphite powder, they are less likely to be contaminated with dust, and the lubrication result is better than butter. Graphite powder is not easy to apply directly, and can be mixed with a little engine oil or water to form a paste for use. The plug valve for oil sealing should be filled with oil according to the designated time, otherwise it is prone to wear and leakage.
3. During the maintenance and operation of flat gate valves, various valve components should be complete and complete. The bolts on the flange and bracket should not be missing, and the threads should be complete and undamaged, without any signs of looseness. The fastening nut on the handwheel should be tightened in real time if it is found to be loose to avoid wear on the adjacent parts or loss of the handwheel and nameplate. If the handwheel is lost, it is not allowed to replace it with a monkey wrench, and it should be prepared in real time. The packing gland should not be tilted or have no pre tightening clearance. For valves in environments prone to contamination by rain, snow, dust, wind and sand, a cover should be installed on the valve stem. The scale on the valve should be fully connected, correct, and clear. The lead seal, cap, pneumatic accessories, etc. of the valve should be complete and complete. The insulation jacket should have no dents or cracks. It is not allowed to knock, stand or support heavy objects on the valve in operation; Especially for black and white metal valves and cast iron valves, it is even more important to exercise restraint.


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