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On the scorching summer day, sending coolness and care to the union, refreshing peoples hearts

2023-08-04 13:50:00

On August 4th, Zhao Jianyou, Vice Chairman of the Binhai County Federation of Trade Unions, and his delegation came to the company to carry out the "Summer Cooling" activity, visiting and comforting the vast number of employees who still adhere to their frontline positions in hot weather, and sending them towels, paper towels, soap, toilet water, laundry detergent and other summer heatstroke prevention and cooling items.
During the condolence period, Chairman Zhao of the County Federation of Trade Unions delivered heatstroke prevention condolence products to the hands of the company's production line workers. He thanked everyone for their hard work and sweat in promoting production and development during the hot summer season, and had a detailed understanding of their work content and working environment. He urged them to always pay attention to their own safety and health, adjust their schedules reasonably, and do a good job in various production organization work while ensuring safety production and physical health. Chairman Zhao had a detailed understanding of the company's production and sales situation since the beginning of this year, and gave full recognition to our Su Salt Company for resolutely shouldering the responsibility of private enterprises and meticulously promoting various key tasks. The current high temperature weather is still ongoing. We hope that the company can continue to carry forward the spirit of continuous combat while ensuring the safety of frontline employees, and make new contributions to ensuring the orderly development of the county's economic and social security.
Wang Yin, the executive vice general manager of the company, received Chairman Zhao and his delegation on behalf of the company and expressed gratitude to the County Federation of Trade Unions for their long-term care and support for Su Yan's work. Wang provided a detailed introduction to the company's production and construction situation this year and the specific arrangements for the company's next key work. Mr. Wang stated that the development of Suyan cannot do without the strong support of local governments. It is our unshirkable responsibility to promote the stable and healthy development of the enterprise and ensure the safety and security of all company employees in Suyan Group. We are very grateful for the care and concern of the county trade union organization for our company's employees. Our company will explore more ways and methods to serve employees, unite and lead the majority of employees to achieve success, and demonstrate Suyan's actions and responsibilities, In order to write a new chapter of Chinese path to modernization in coastal areas, "add bricks and tiles".

Company employees have expressed their desire to transform the care and care of the Federation of Trade Unions into work motivation, continue to carry forward the fine tradition of not afraid of hardship and fatigue, adhere to their positions, fulfill their duties, and devote more enthusiasm and energy to their work, contributing to the high-quality development of the coastal economy and society.


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