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San Gu Frequently Seeks Good Strategies for the Development of School Enterprise Linkages

2023-07-19 16:21:00

On the morning of June 27th, Zhang Changsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Mechanical Excellence College of Yancheng Institute of Technology, led more than 20 teacher students to conduct summer social practice research in the company. On July 11th, a delegation of 7 members including Wang Zisheng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Yancheng Institute of Technology, visited the company for inspection and exchange. On July 18th, Fang Hailin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yancheng Institute of Technology, and Shao Rong, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, once again visited the company to carry out school local collaboration and school enterprise cooperation Visiting enterprises and expanding job research activities. Wu Qibiao, Secretary of the County Committee and County Mayor, Wang Hairong, Member of the County Committee Standing Committee and Executive Deputy County Mayor, Shen Jianchun, Member of the County Committee Standing Committee and Minister of Organization Department, Chen Haohai, Deputy County Mayor of the County Government, and Huan Haixiang, Leader of the Science and Technology Town Leading Group and Deputy County Mayor of the County Government, accompanied the group. Wang Yin, Executive Vice General Manager of the company, received and introduced relevant information.

In less than a month, three visits to the company for research are not only a strong reflection of Yancheng Institute of Technology's implementation of the major strategy of "strengthening the city through industry" by the Yancheng Municipal Party Committee and Government, closely focusing on the "5+2" strategic emerging industries and 23 key industrial chains in Yancheng, and deeply aligning with the needs of coastal economic, social, and industrial development, but also a good opportunity and platform for our company to achieve higher level cooperation with research universities. The research team inspected the production site of the company's newly launched intelligent production workshop - the Maike Special Valve Project. Wang Yin gave a detailed introduction to the introduction and application of automation production equipment, the company's position in the industry, and the current production and operation situation to Secretary Fang and his team. Secretary Fang and his team had a detailed understanding of the company's business scope, technological innovation capabilities, and talent cultivation needs. Secretary Fang introduced that the research is aimed at better aligning with the economic, social, and industrial development needs of Binhai, promoting the joint construction of schools and leading enterprises in Binhai, talent cultivation, scientific and technological breakthroughs, and achievement transformation, further improving the school's ability to serve and integrate with the local community, and accelerating the formation of a new pattern of coordinated development with close interaction and resonance between Binhai and the school.

Wang Yin stated that the company has a good cooperative relationship with Yancheng Institute of Technology and looks forward to further deepening communication and cooperation with Yancheng Institute of Technology, strengthening docking and collaboration, and actively expanding cooperation space in more fields and deeper levels.
The main leaders and responsible persons of the County Party Committee Organization Department, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, and Industrial Park participated in the event.


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