Valve industry in the "aircraft carrier" --- Suyan valve group

Yancheng in Jiangsu Province, Binhai County, a scale valve business, he is Suyan valve group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Valve Association recently visited the coastal town of Jiangsu Binhai County, the company.

Into the company, it presents a modern feeling, plant generous style, the two workshops novel and chic, the company responsible person with us in the factory area of the whole line of production workshop, visited the company valve production and marketing a The process of the dragon, this covers an area of about 1,000 acres, is set design, manufacturing, operating in one of the high-tech state-owned enterprises, but also China's valve industry and the Jiangsu Province, the largest single area of the valve industry A valve company, can be regarded as China's valve industry in a large "aircraft carrier", in recent years, continue to expand the valve industry, unswervingly take the development of science and technology innovation strategy, along the way the development of the valve industry all the way Line, in the valve industry for further development.

At present, Suyan valve group is mainly covering all upstream enterprises of China Petroleum, long-distance pipeline project, Sinopec Oilfield plate enterprise, Sinochem Group and chemical industry, electric power, urban construction and water conservancy industry. In the heritage of mature industrial valve manufacturing experience on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, multi-channel technology research and development cooperation and exchanges, after nearly two decades of development and innovation, the company formed API6A flat gate valve, ball valve, Special materials valve-oriented four product structure, providing a full range of industrial valve integrated solutions. At present, the company has become the major valve supply enterprises such as Daqing Oilfield, Jilin Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield and other large petrochemical enterprises and national key projects such as West-East Gas Transmission Project.

Based on the valve firm to do big industry

45-year-old company chairman and general manager of Han Zhenghai from the small long in the coastal waters near the beach of a small village, until he graduated from junior high school, home with rice are not enough to eat. In order to seek a way out, just over 17 years old Han Zhenghai alone went to the southern suburbs of the town of a village to do the instrument factory when the apprentice, and later went to a valve factory learned a lathe. With clever and diligent, just two or three years, he learned the car, pliers, planing, washing and other mechanical processing of a full set of technology. In 1997, he together with his brother, founded a valve tube factory, for the Daqing and Shandong area of oil production and processing some simple valves and fittings. After several years of hard work, Han Zhenghai and his team finally led the domestic oil field valve production and sales areas to explore a successful way. In 2005, on the basis of the original valve fittings factory, set up by his chairman and general manager of Suyan valve group.

No matter how good the product also has a certain cycle, Han Zhenghai keen to feel that in order to allow enterprises in the fierce market competition in an invincible position, the key lies in the thinking of innovation, product improvement and quality improvement, in the final analysis, See how the company's R & D strength. To really build a strong R & D team, the company in the salary, housing, welfare and other aspects of the development of a series of preferential policies, the factory to attract, the senior R & D staff of 28 people. The company invested R & D funds each year more than 5% of annual sales income, but also set up the only valve R & D center and valve testing technology center. In order to improve the R & D level and speed up the development of the product, he has been to Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Anhui and southern Jiangsu. He has worked with Tsinghua University, Tongji University, HIT, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Daqing Applied Technology Research Institute and so on. Institutions of higher learning and scientific research departments to establish a long-term stable technical cooperation.

Over the years, Suyan valve group has developed 18 national patent products, 8 new practical patents and 9 invention patents and new products. The company's college staff and above accounted for 35.8% of the total number of employees. Including all types of engineering and technical personnel of 154 people, accounting for 23% of the total number of employees. After several years of unremitting efforts, the driver of the origin of Han Zhenhai has become the only county in Jiangsu Province, "333 project" outstanding talent, the National Petroleum Drilling Equipment and Tools Standardization Committee of the standardization of oil production equipment experts.

Suyan valve group is now almost all of the Daqing Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield, North China Oilfield size of the general gate valve in order to meet the needs of the market, in recent years, Suyan valve group decided to invest nearly 10 million yuan to expand technology in Jiangsu Province, Binhai Economic Development District to build a new plant, the purchase of large and medium-sized production equipment 120 (sets) sets, the staff also expanded to more than 1,000 people. The strength of the leap for the development of enterprises plug in the wings, Daqing Oilfield Valve Tender Conference, Suyan valve group companies and many manufacturers from the country together to participate in the fierce competition, the results come out on top, one-time successful bid nearly 30 million Yuan, Daqing oil field to become the largest one-time manufacturers.

In order to expand the scope of valve sales and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, Suyan valve group set up oil field design department communication platform, selected elite sales team stationed in Xinjiang, specifically to develop the oil market in Xinjiang market, to step up in the northwest to find a foothold. After more than a year of struggling to develop and research, and went to Xinjiang extensive communication and coordination, quickly opened the market in Xinjiang. At present, the company more than 60 kinds of valves has become the best-selling oil products in Xinjiang. In the Han Zhenghai's careful operation, the company has non-stop, has successfully opened up the Jilin Oilfield and the national key projects of the West-East Gas Transmission Project construction of the main valve supply market, won the enterprise greater development space.

The picture shows Suyan valve group chairman and general manager of Han Zhenghai

Intention to expand the valve market

Suyan valve group is a complete production equipment, complete sets of equipment, forging complete sets of equipment, fasteners complete sets of equipment, CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, large vertical lathe (CNC), ordinary lathes, plasma surfacing and other sophisticated production equipment More than 520 sets, equipped with CIMS computer integrated manufacturing system and valve CAD design center; with advanced chemical analysis, mechanical performance test, UT, RT, PT, MT and other testing, test equipment, testing and testing projects are complete, and practitioners Qualification is complete;

It is understood: Suyan valve group main business projects cover all general machinery products, typical products: oil field valves, throttle and pressure manifold, wellhead equipment and tree, water treatment equipment, flanges, filters, elbow, casting , Forging, forging pipe fittings, marine valves and so on. Product implementation GB GB, API American Standard, BS British standard and other advanced standards, the market covers all the upstream oil companies in China, long-distance pipeline project, Sinopec oil plate plate enterprises, Sinochem Group and chemical, power, urban construction, water conservancy industry.

Suyan valve group in the heritage of mature industrial valve manufacturing experience on the basis of digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology, multi-channel technology research and development cooperation and exchanges, after nearly 20 years of development and innovation, the company formed a flat gate valve, ball valve, Valves, special materials for the valve-led product structure, providing a full range of industrial valve integrated solutions. Enterprises to introduce a new concept of valve manufacturing and management, that is highly flexible processing process, compound, lean, manufacturing and management process of the network, information technology, intelligent. The company is mainly composed of two parts, namely the production device (hardware facilities) and support management software. The company has a valve body production line, the valve forging production line, the valve processing lines, painting line, assembly line, fastener production line, automatic three-dimensional warehouse. The company's sales (including pre-sales and after-sales service), production, technology, finance, personnel and all other business to achieve a computer network, information technology, intelligent management, is an intelligent, network valve factory. Suyan valve group is specialized in the valve, large-scale development.

To further enhance the company's strength and enhance their ability to lead and lead, last year's Han Zhenghai Suyan valve group has invested 80 million yuan, more than 30,000 square meters of modern modern plant, the new on the water treatment and forging production of two large-scale mechanical projects , So that the production of technical conditions and product quality to achieve upgrading. To the end of last year, the new two workshops have been installed 150 sets (sets) of various functions to match the modern processing equipment and a large electric hydraulic hammer, both to solve the previous high-pressure, high-strength valve blanks are outsourcing problems, and For the company to focus on large-diameter long-distance pipeline valve production and processing to create a necessary condition.

 Han Zhenghai has won the "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" in Yancheng City, "Economic Talent" in Yancheng City, the "New Long March", "Jiangsu Province Labor Model", " Ten integrity pacesetter "and many other titles, was elected as the eleventh Party Congress in Jiangsu Province and the provincial People's Congress deputies. Han Zhenghai, chairman of the board is also a number of positions, is the Binhai County, Jiangsu Province, the Association of Valve Association, Binhai County, Jiangsu Province Federation of Industry and Commerce Federation vice president.

Scientific and technological innovation to bear new fruit

Suyan valve group company under the leadership of Han Zhenghai, well versed in scientific and technological innovation is the main theme of the development of the valve industry. Attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, the implementation of scientific and technological innovation and development. The company after years of efforts to develop, technological innovation in product innovation has achieved good results. Currently there are municipal enterprise technology center, the existing scientific and technical personnel 31 people, including high and mid-level titles of the R & D staff of 23 people, by the chief engineer responsible for, and by a number of institutions of higher learning to provide technical support. Has developed a suitable for the market demand for the development of new products 17, including multi-functional intelligent filter valve, parallel hinge double gate valve, cam no wear ball valve, adjust the gate gate valve, clear valve and other 14 products by the national patent The

In recent years, Suyan valve group commitment to the National Torch Plan and Spark plan ZF44XY parallel hinge double gate plate valve and other three kinds of new valve R & D trial task, by the Jiangsu province high-tech products 4, won the China International Patent and Famous Fair Gold Award (TWQ47H cam-type wear-free hard sealed ball valve); won the Salt City Science and Technology Progress Award 2 (TWQ47H), the first prize of the International Invention Exhibition Silver Award (multi-functional intelligent filter valve) Camless wear-free hard sealed ball valve, ZF44XY parallel hinge double gate valve).

Suyan valve group in the process of scientific and technological innovation, through active efforts, also won the "national high-tech enterprises", "Jiangsu Province science and technology small and medium enterprises", "Jiangsu Province Spark leading enterprises" title, the company through the effective operation of ISO9001 quality management System, ISO14000 environmental management system and ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system; also made a series of leading to the market qualification certificate, has passed the American Petroleum Institute API6D, API6A, API16C product certification, API6FA fire test certification, the EU pressure command PED certification ; ADWO material certification; company flagship product valve access to national special equipment A1, A2-class manufacturing license, component assembly device to obtain national special equipment A-level manufacturing license, with the company's flange, filter, forging pipe, forging blank Firmware and other production products to obtain national special equipment B-class manufacturing license, the valve casting is the first in Jiangsu Province to obtain national special equipment B1, B2 manufacturing license; "Suyan" brand won the title of well-known Chinese brands, "Suyan" trademark.

The courage to innovate all the way forward

Suyan valve group commitment to the "Jiangsu Province Machinery Manufacturing Information pilot project", in order to speed up the development of enterprise information and the pace of modernization laid a solid foundation. He has presided over the development of a series of high-tech new products, to achieve the company's main products from mechanical to intelligent change, greatly improving the contribution of product technology growth contribution.

Suyan valve group one of the flagship product "ZF41 wedge gate valve", pre-production sealing performance is not ideal, processing difficult. Han Zhenghai for this night can not sleep sound, food unwilling. He came to Shanghai many times, please in Shanghai colleges and universities, research institutes, experts and experts to give pointers. After a few months of research, and finally developed a series of three national patent products, of which, "ZF44XY series of parallel hinge double flat plate gate valve," the overall level of technology, the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission identified, product quality The domestic advanced level, to fill the gaps in such products, was classified as "national Spark Program project."

Han Zhenghai also organized the company's technical backbone to develop a value of more than 140,000 yuan of the valve, is still the first case in Jiangsu. The company's production of "core-type gate valve" and other products, sealing performance, long life, in short supply. He also frequently convened the company's technical backbone of the meeting, according to the needs of the western development of the country, developed a "cam-free wear-free sealed ball valve", the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission identified as provincial new products and provincial technological innovation projects, access to national knowledge Property rights issued by the new patent product certificate, customer trial satisfaction rate of 100%.

Suyan valve group led the development of the "one ball porous" multi-flow to the clear valve, diameter of 600 mm, not only to fill the gaps in the province, but also in the removal of oil pipeline dirt without drying off. The company and the Daqing oil field design department in close cooperation, the production of high-pressure welding valve, high pressure check valve, double gate welding valve and other five varieties are exclusive products, including floating double gate valve, high pressure welding valve National patents, with an annual output of more than 1,000 units.

Xiong Guan Man Road, such as iron, and now move from scratch. Suyan valve group to their steady and vigorous pace, leading the development of an industry, and they bent on the valve industry, down to earth to do the valve products, and stronger business pioneering spirit, but also accompanied by the industry all the way forward.

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