Aerospace 11 developed the world's first special valves

Recently, by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation of the six homes for the Shenhua Group developed a special valve through the acceptance, as the world's only one can be used in the strong acid 160 degrees limit the use of the valve, the technology reached the international advanced level.

The valve is applied to fly ash extraction of alumina industrial system. The system requires the use of a large number of valves to control the acidic fluid medium, requiring the valve has a high resistance to high temperature hydrochloric acid corrosion and erosion resistance, is a worldwide problem, has been restricting the acid extraction of alumina production system development.

In recent years, six homes 11 focus on the field of valves, a number of advanced technology breakthroughs. In the Temple II and Shenzhou eleven manned mission, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Beijing, Beijing 11 undertook the thermal control and environmental control sub-system of pumps, valves, key product development tasks, to achieve a thermal control, Control the flow of the fluid circuit, control and regulation functions.

The technical research through the six homes 11 to capture the fly ash extraction alumina process system with high temperature pinch valve and other key technologies. It is understood that the pinch valve in the transport containing particles, powder, fiber, pulp and other abrasive and corrosive substances in the solid and liquid has a unique advantage in the mining and metals industry, mineral processing industry, pulp and paper industry, chemicals Processing industry, energy industry and other fields have a wide range of applications. The successful development of the valve will solve the fly ash extraction of alumina industrial system with a variety of specifications and use of control valve demand and industrial production to lay a solid foundation.

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