Valves and other 147 products, AQSIQ included in the "special care" list

In people's daily life, the valve plays a very important role, but they always exist in people can not see the corner, so often overlooked by people. In simple terms, as long as the transport of liquid and gas, it must be inseparable from the valve. In the industrial field, the valve is more important, water supply and drainage, energy, power, petrochemical and other fields have its shadow.

With the valve in people's lives, the production of the popularity of the continuous improvement of its quality requirements are naturally rising. Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and other valves will be included in the product of 2017 supervision and inspection plan.

Recently, AQSIQ issued "2017 product quality supervision and inspection plan." The country plans a total of 14 categories of 147 kinds of products, including 18 kinds of daily and textiles, 29 kinds of electronic products, light industrial products 18, 26 kinds of building and decoration materials, agricultural production materials 11, machinery and Security products 20, including valves, including electrical and materials products 22, 3 kinds of food-related products.

It is understood that these 147 kinds of products all by the public network to vote and recommendations.

September 2016, General Administration of Quality Supervision for the public to collect 2017 years of product quality supervision and inspection of product catalog recommendations. As of the end of October last year, AQSIQ received a total of 131.7 million votes to the public network, and 67 units of 639 recommendations. According to regulations, AQSIQ fully adopt public opinions, the Internet voting in the public attention of all products into the national supervision and inspection plan, organized the "2017 product quality supervision and inspection plan."

AQSIQ said that the 2017 product quality supervision and inspection of national work, will take quarterly checks, special checks and linkage checks 3 kinds of organizations to carry out, spot checks, including production enterprises, distribution companies and network marketing enterprises, the public release of product quality countries Supervision and inspection results, and product quality violations will be dealt with according to law. In accordance with the plan on the 147 kinds of products to carry out national supervision and spot checks at the same time, AQSIQ will also be based on job needs, the organization of unplanned products to carry out special supervision and spot checks.

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