Jiangsu Valve Association held the fourth session of the Fourth Congress

December 22, Jiangsu Province Valve Industry Association held in Suzhou City, the eighth session of the four members of the General Assembly, the meeting is mainly two major issues, on the one hand, summed up the achievements of the Association in 2016 and the deployment of the next year's work plan, the other On the one hand the end-user expert lectures valve product quality technical requirements, the year-end from the province's 140 members of the enterprise leaders and representatives gathered together to communicate, feel particularly cordial, we unrestrained communication, talk about a year of hardships, Do a good job next year, the valve industry, accompanied by confidence to overcome the temporary difficulties to meet the new year, for the coming year to achieve greater success.

The meeting was held by the Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Nuclear Valve Industry Co., Ltd. and Chen Jianping, Secretary General of Jiangsu Valve Association. Then, Vice President Zhang Qigong on behalf of the Jiangsu Valve Association executive vice president of the unit to do "on Peng Xinying change to adjust to Jiangsu Province Valve Industry Association, chairman of the report ", then, by the new director of the Association, the nuclear Su Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Peng Xinying to do the work report of the Association, and later, Deputy General Manager Ma Zhenxing Jiangsu Valve Association executive vice president of the unit We did report of "Jiangsu valve association about 36 new members to apply for membership of association and eight members".

The meeting is divided into two major agenda:

First of all, the main consideration of the "Jiangsu Valve Industry Association eight fourth session of the General Assembly work report" to summarize the work of our association this year to carry out the situation and the next year's work plan arrangements; through the "change on the Peng Xinying Jiangsu Province Valve Industry Association Report of the President "and" Jiangsu Valve Committee on the application of new members to join the association and part of the members of the report of withdrawal "; through the Association of work summary and association of the main person in charge of the change, the purpose is to further improve the work of the Association, Continue to do better, continue to walk in the forefront of the same industry association!

Then, arrange technical exchange lecture: invite the valve industry end-user experts to explain how to purchase the valve and how to use the valve two major problems, mainly by the China Shenhua Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Engineering Technology Management Department Lin Hui Manager "talk about the valve Procurement strategy and quality requirements "; Sinopec Shandong liquefied natural gas company Jiao Changan manager" valve installation and use of problems in the analysis of "the two major content, the two experts on the valve product quality in-depth analysis, and the first-hand picture to the presence of Benefited from it. Through technical exchanges to improve the quality of our valve products and quality, and further improve our level of development of the valve industry in Jiangsu.

China Valve Association full-time vice chairman, former Jiangsu Valve Association Chairman Zhang Zonglie invited to participate in the meeting and made a speech: he said the Jiangsu valve industry in 2016 firm confidence, through extraordinary year, the members of the enterprise valve products Also made a good marketing performance, the industry is also improving the development of the Association also made the results of the work, won the industry recognition and affirmation. He hoped that the Jiangsu valve industry to make persistent efforts in 2017 to continue to develop and improve in the new normal change in business thinking, to adapt to the new situation in the industry, in particular, to stabilize the valve industry, good product quality, improve valve product quality, "High on" a good reputation, and continue to maintain the leading position in the same industry. Also hope that the Association will continue to do the work of members of the service, and truly become the enterprise "her family."

The meeting that blink of an eye and a year later, but this year we encountered a cold industry, a lot of enterprises appeared in the downward trend, the industry slowed down the pace of development. Not only the decline in production and sales, and the indicators have different degrees of decline, according to our preliminary statistics, there will be 60-70% of the member companies year on year decline, only 10-20% of the enterprises stable or slightly increased. According to the analysis, this cold is mainly affected by the international low oil prices, a lot of energy projects related to the suspension or slow construction caused by a variety of reasons caused by the same time by the impact of raw materials, product costs increased significantly. With the emergence of overcapacity, poor sales, lower efficiency, less orders, less projects, lack of start, as well as the cost of the rise, financing difficulties, labor costs, high cost of many unfavorable factors, leading to all walks of life have difficulties, Also affected our industry, we are expected to output an average year on year is still down about 10-15%.

Jiangsu valve counterparts gathered together, is the face of the problem, together on the basis of the summary, to explore how to improve the level of Jiangsu valve industry development, in order to adapt to the new normal, to overcome the development of unfavorable factors, through the difficulties and secure development , The use of the original development basis.

Peng Xinying chairman in a comprehensive summary of this year's Association of work performance mainly in the following areas: First, do the work of the Association of statistical work to analyze the operation of the industry's economic work. Second, do a good job industry forum to promote technical exchanges. Third, the organization of five activities to strengthen the cohesion of the Association. Fourth, to carry out domestic exhibitions to promote exchanges and promote industry progress. Fifth, strengthen foreign exchange, for the members of enterprises to do the cost of subsidy services. Sixth, strengthen the member units to visit, to promote mutual communication. Seven is to strengthen the members to promote the work to enhance the reputation of Jiangsu valve. Eight is to do foreign language valve technology translation work. Nine is to do a good job of new members to absorb the work to promote the association team to grow. Ten is to carry out public welfare activities.

Peng Xinying, chairman of the Association at the same time in this year's work, focusing on the deployment of the Association of the work of the next year, due to the current slowdown in economic growth during the extraordinary period, although the first half of this year we are deeply under development, lack of orders, , Lack of start, and some companies have to lay off or down production capacity to adapt to the industry to develop new normal. But the second half of the emergence of signs of warmer, a lot of business orders have increased, delivery is also more, marking the valve industry has been a slight rebound in the phenomenon.

Peng said: "The work of the Association next year: the main idea to guide the industry to take a smooth development of the road, the appropriate adjustment of product structure, engage in physical industry must really do their own product quality, carry forward our good reputation in Jiangsu, expand our Jiangsu valve industry In the market share; we have to implement both inside and outside the development strategy to ensure the steady development of our industry, we Jiangsu valve industry in the market is best not to fight the price war, do not engage in low-cost competitive vicious competition, the recent period of raw material prices More, our valve products to price adjustment, and then do not adjust, our industry products have been unprofitable. ", With which he focused on the main work of the Association of the next year:

Third, to guide the industry progress, do a good job in some industry technical exchanges and forums: four is to continue to go out to visit the study and study activities; five is to engage in the activities of the exhibition; 7 is to do a good job in the exhibition work to promote foreign exchange; eight is to do a good job of the annual statistical report and summary analysis of the work; nine is to do a good job of business members to visit the company's business, Work, on the pass for the members to do a good job; ten is to carry out the association industry craftsmen model evaluation work; 11 is to continue to do the daily work of the Association.

Peng finally hope that the members of the enterprise as always support the Association to do a good job in the work, relying on the joint efforts of various member units and advice, the association will continue to walk in the forefront of the industry!

Meet the participants together in a group photo. And for everyone made on the 2016 year-end industry statistics report reported that the requirements of members to help do a good job in this work.

Meeting time is compact, only half a day, to achieve the desired results. The meeting was sponsored and co-organized by Suzhou Antwerp Valve Co., Ltd. and Schneider Automation (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

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