Midline of the soft seal butterfly


This series valve adopt eccentric structure design, the main structure is composed of a valve body, a valve disc, valve seat, valve rod and rotating mechanism and other components, valve seat with detachable structure, and according to the different physical and chemical properties of medium medium. The choice of the corresponding abrasion resistance, light fastness, aging resistant material, can be widely used in water supply and drainage, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, energy system in fluid pipelines as regulation and closure device.

Product features:

1, the valve seat and valve body as a whole using sulfide, one good, easy on-site maintenance, and use full-flow design, without impurities jamming effect, both ends of the conjoined to make the pipe-line ring seal gasket and to maintain safe and reliable without additional sealed, and used according to different requirements of different materials.

2, the structure is simple, open quickly. Disc material with streamlined design, two-way use, flow resistance, excellent flow characteristics.

3, long life, opening and closing times and more.

4, two-way seal, zero leakage test.

5, the flow characteristics tend to a straight line, adjust the performance.


Midline of the soft seal butterfly

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