Welded multi-layer three-eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve


This butterfly valve is the absorption, digestion of foreign technology, using three-dimensional eccentric multi-level metal sealing structure for medium temperature less than 550 DEG C, metallurgical, power, petrochemical and water supply and drainage pipe for regulating flow rate and cutting fluid the best device.


1, the butterfly plate seal ring for the hard and soft layering pieces of metal, with a metal seal and seal the dual advantages of flexibility, both in low and high temperature conditions, both with excellent sealing performance.

2, using three-dimensional asymmetric structure, seat and disc is almost no friction, with the closed more tightly sealing function.

3, the valve sealing surface, the use of welding stainless steel, carbide alloy, sealing surface wear resistance, long service life.

4, the unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving, convenience, not by medium pressure high, low impact, sealing performance Rely on, long service life.The usual double eccentric butterfly valve B (deviation from the center line ) and a (deviation from the center line of the sealing surface ) as shown, is designed to reduce the valve seat and the seal between about 15 DEG stroke friction. Adds a unique eccentric angle beta, an inclined taper not only overcomes the opening and closing of a valve seat sealing and between all the contact friction, thereby increasing the service life, but also through the applied torque change can adjust the sealing pressure, so that the sealing is more reliable, never appeared clearance phenomenon.


Welded multi-layer three-eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve

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