Flange type two-way metal hard seal butterfly valve


This butterfly valve is the absorption, digestion of foreign technology, using three-dimensional eccentric multi-level metal sealing structure for medium temperature less than 600℃, metallurgical, power, petrochemical, air, gas, combustible gas, and water  supply and drainage pipe for regulating flow rate and cutting fluid the best device.


The two-way valve adopt mutiple level three eccentric metal hard seal structure, not only has the general multilevel three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve all the excellent technical performance, due to the reasonable design to reduce the radial eccentricity value, under the condition of closing valve stem by small torque, in static equilibrium, at the same time, the butterfly plate seal ring made of high quality carbon steel material with high toughness stainless steel composed of multi-level structure, not only firm but gentle and the seat to keep optimal sealing, but also has a very good automatic compensation function, especially in the large temperature difference condition, can eliminate the induced structural deformation of sealing performance to be influenced by, and as in the processing and assembly process using to stress the method, so that the valve in a reverse pressure generated when the relative displacement to be adequately compensated for, so the butterfly valve either forward or reverse compression, were able to reach full pressure difference leakage is zero.


Flange type two-way metal hard seal butterfly valve

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