Suyan Valve Group Talent concept: both ability and political integrity, eclectic, people make the best use of their best use

·Both ability and political integrity

Talent is the capital of character, and virtue is the master of it. "Morality" - with higher basic quality, "talent" - the basic ability to perform job responsibilities. The ancients said: everyone has his own advantages, money shortage, foolish. Choose and employ persons, do not seek both, but to moral character as the first, to promote the quality of morality, in order to educate character. By improving the quality of enterprise personnel, we can build a talent structure with both moral character.

·Not to stick to one pattern

Innovative talent concept, talent selection not sticking to formalities, no promotion according to status, the only quote. Continue to broaden the talent selection in the actual channel, found talent, talent cultivation, talent training, bold use of talents, cultivate innovative talents, develop talents, increase stamina for the sustainable development of enterprises.

·Give full scope to the talents

People have the length, regardless of size, moral character only take into account, both inside and outside the collection. Zhirenshanren, best. Keen eye for talent, love, tolerance to courage, only for it, mind. Explore each employee's flash point, give full play to each employee's strengths, to maximize the integration of enterprise human resources, provide a strong impetus for the sustainable development of enterprises, promote the enterprises into the healthy development of the fast lane.

·Only use it

Because of the material to take it, it can be in any of the trial, with its director, cover their short. Zhirenshanren, meritocracy, appropriate posts, post right pay. With the keen insight, found that personality characteristics of every employee, so their abilities and talents will be placed in the most appropriate position, take advantage of workers to the most suitable work, the sage in its place, even in the post, the security of its position, weaknesses, only the best.

Salt group talent is the most precious resources of the enterprise, to "talent first, people-oriented" for the original side, forming a set of "talent mechanism loving talents, developing talents, using talents and retain talents, promote the talent", to employees and business together as long as the mission, and strive to achieve "harmony the ultimate goal of win-win and common development". Salt after more than 50 years of development, already has a large number of outstanding research and development, management, marketing personnel, the master and Bachelor degree in youth has gradually become the core backbone, at the same time, more and more outstanding graduates with lofty ideals and the cause of the pursuit of adding salt, they are adhering to the "dedication and innovative" spirit, forge ahead, the rapid growth, the rapid growth of new power enterprises strong.